5 Reasons Why You Should Consider India as a Honeymoon Destination

Whether, after having an all-dancing, all-singing wedding you feel like you want to collect a few more equally thrilling moments, or simply want to add some spice to your honeymoon trip, India might be a perfect destination to celebrate the big event with your other half.

Below we present a few reasons, why this could be a good kick-starter into the unfolding life adventure ahead of you! If you need any help planning there are loads of great resources out there, like this A-Z of India.

Plunge into love at the Andaman Islands – not everyone is lucky enough to walk down an aisle in a fairy-like scenery, with rays of spring or summer sunshine, glittering warm on their faces. So, if you are among the less fortunate couples, why not to get some of that sunshine by visiting India’s secret paradise on the Andaman Islands? With secluded beaches, crystal clear waters, and stunning, ancient coral reefs, Andaman Islands remains to this date one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in India.  Solitude seeking couples could indulge here in one of the luxury resorts situated off the beaten track on Havelock Islands, with easy access to powder-soft, sand beaches on the edge of virgin rainforests. Those who are slightly more restless, might take a love test under the pressure of Andaman Sea waters and book Scuba Diving Holidays from a variety of diving centres around Havelock or Neil.

Take a romantic cruise at Udaipur’s Lake Pichola –  Take a romantic cruise at Udaipur’s Lake Pichola –  With its picturesque architecture and small lakes scattered around, Udaipur is also often called the “Venice of the East”. It is one of India’s major cities, situated in between Mumbai and Delhi, which makes it an accessible destination for anyone who fancies spending a perfect honeymoon travelling around sunbaked India.  Udaipur’s breathtaking, and diverse scenery is composed of stunning Monsoon palaces, historic forts, and timeless, Indian temples making it a favourite filming spot for many Bollywood directors. After being exposed to joyous, vibrant melodies of the Indian blockbusters, pretty much everywhere you go, jumping on a boat to a romantic cruise around the Lake Pichola will feel like a natural step forward on your visit to India.

Watch the sunset at Taj Mahal –  Watch the sunset at Taj Mahal –  the gigantic, ivory mausoleum is probably one of the most iconic buildings in the whole of India. It was commissioned by Shah Jahan, Mughal emperor, to commemorate the death of his beloved wife, princess Mumtaz Mahal. A story, although far from the classical Bollywood “and they lived happily-ever-after “closures, is considered by many as a tale of eternal love, in which Taj Mahal (also known as the teardrop on the cheek of eternity) serves as its embodiment. Whether you want at awe at Taj Mahal’s grandiosity with the loved one, in a hope to immortalize the memories of your honeymoon trip for forever, or you just want to approach it as an architectonic wonder, it is worth visiting!

Talk a stroll along Goa’s shores –  Having been a Portuguese colony for nearly 450 years, the city offers an interesting blend of both Eastern and Western style of architecture, and culture, that is quite unusual for other cities in India. This very fact makes wandering around Goa quite like a tour in one of many European cities. With its beautiful, balmy beaches Goa stays a safe choice for every couple that chooses comfort over adrenaline rush. A perfect coastal retreat to celebrate the beginning of your marriage! However, this does not have to be cross off your bucket list just yet, as Goa is also a popular destination for many water sports lovers, so while there why not to investigate its waters a little bit?

Embark on a truly spiritual journey in Mumbai –   A key to every strong relationship is a balance that stems from integrity and internal harmony. However, even the most perfect couples can experience the pre-wedding stress and occasional flurry of tears. India is a great place that lets you snap out of it and regain your Zen.
One of the oldest yoga centres in the world – Yoga Institute, is in Mumbai and it offers a range of excellent courses for both beginners, as well as more advanced practitioners to help them return on the right spiritual track.