Guide to Artificial Wedding Flowers

Your guide to artificial wedding flowers from the industry’s leading award winning expert.. Sarah’s Flowers.

Certainly in some people’s minds the thought of having fake flowers on their wedding day is akin to drinking English tea from a mug and just not the thing to do and this may rightly have been the case 20-30 years ago but things have changed and the latest modern manufacturing techniques produce such life like flowers you could easily be mistaken for thinking they were real.

But please be aware that not all silk flowers are created equally as you can still buy the cheaply made ones that do look plastic, if you can its best to order single  flower samples from the wedding florist you are thinking of choosing, expect to pay a small fee for the stem and also a P&P charge, a small price to pay compared to your overall wedding budget and to make sure your wedding flowers are perfect.

Price: On the whole faux flowers will be a more cost effective option then fresh flowers and if you want exotic blooms or out of season flowers then the saving will be quite significant. Being able to order months or even years in advance also helps spread the cost of your wedding budget.

Time: Whether your flowers are made from the finest fresh flowers, artificial real touch or elegant foam roses the time it takes to make up your order will still be the same, you will need to ascertain from your wedding florist their lead time and if in any doubt make the florist aware of your wedding date so they can work to that date to make sure your order is dispatched in plenty of time.
Of course one of the big benefits of having silk flowers is the ability to order your flowers well in advance, not only helping to spread the cost but you also have the chance to make any changes you feel are necessarily after seeing the bouquets, something you can`t do on the day of your wedding when your real posies are delivered.

Can you tell there not real: If you don`t tell your wedding guests your flowers are not real and why would you need to, then most will just assume that they are real, bridesmaids or  flower girls who have their own flowers to hold will of course be able to tell they are not real but pick an artisan florist such as Sarah’s flowers who only specialise in wedding bouquets and arrangements and the quality of the wedding bouquet will shine though.

Going abroad: Weddings abroad are all the rage these days and who can blame people for wanting guaranteed sunshine on their wedding day and the romance of saying I do on a golden beach in front of a crystal clear blue sea. Of course the hotel or travel agent who is organising the wedding can also supply at least a bouquet for the bride but why take the risk of getting a posy you don`t like, or worse one that’s not made to a very high standard, when you can take the exact wedding flowers you want with you, not just for yourself but for the whole of your wedding party. Our silk bridesmaids posies and bridal bouquets by their very nature are man made and as such very robust which makes them ideal for packing away in a holiday suitcase or hand luggage.
Why not give each member of your wedding party their own flowers to take with them, keeping plenty of room in your own case for that Vera Wang wedding dress you have saved so hard for.

Ah-Choo: A lot of people these days suffer from hay fever or flower allergies and the thought of carrying a fresh flower bouquet just inches away from their nose and eyes is enough to start them running and some flowers also have overpowering scents which you don`t want clashing with your own perfume, but of course another benefit of having a silk wedding flower posy is that these situations can be avoided.

Bespoke orders: We have thousands of bridal bouquets, bridesmaids posies, buttonholes and corsages on our website but even with this huge choice sometimes you can’t find the exact thing you want so if you have seen anything online or in a bridal magazine then send us a picture or link and we can make a copy of it for you using our high quality silk wedding flowers.

Forever flowers: I know that one of the main considerations for our brides to have artificial flowers is because they can keep them for many many years as a lovely reminder of that very special day, pictures are of course wonderful but to have and to hold your wedding bouquet on your 1st 2nd 3rd or more wedding anniversary is truly special.

· Great Saving To Be Made Over Fresh Flowers

· Order In Advance For Better Budgeting & One More Job Ticked Off The List

· Modern Manufacturing Techniques Producing Very Life Like Flowers

· Summer Wedding, Silk Flowers Won`t Wilt In The Heat

· Normally Lighter To Hold Than a Real Bouquet

· No Hay Fever Or Allergy Worries

· Very Robust For Weddings Abroad

· Perfect Keepsake For Many Years To Come

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