Customer Asked Questions

A selection of wedding related questions most commonly asked by our Bride and Grooms

Q, Are your flowers real?

A, No, everything we use here at Sarah’s flowers is artificial, made from either silk, latex or foam.

Q, I was just enquiring if you would do the brides bouquet without the ribbon down the stem, please? 

A, All the artificial flowers we use, including these roses have a metal stem running through the middle of the stem, we don`t like to leave these uncovered as they could snag your dress, which is why we cover them in ribbon, we can use green ribbon though.

Q, I love this bouquet but can you add some, pearls, crystals, diamantes, or anything else you may have seen on another bouquet on the website?

A, Yes we can add anything you have seen on another bouquet, almost everything on the website can be mixed and matched for you.

Q, I love this bouquet but feel it’s not quite blingy enough for me, i like over the top thing but i love the colours, i see you do a matching bridesmaids as well this is perfect for me. what can i add in the bouquet to give it that extra wow factor?

A. We have light catching crystals, pearl strands and loops, we can add clear diamantes in the middle of the roses, or brooches, one or as many as you like, we have little branches of pearls as well.

Q, The cabbage buttonhole is perfect for me as I work in a farm shop and my hobby is growing vegetables, so this is perfect. But I don’t like the colour of the ribbon can I change this to navy blue, please?

A. Yes, we can change the ribbon for you no problem, we can change the stem ribbon as well if you want. If you let me know how many you would like I can send you a custom order invoice for you.

Q, I got married earlier this year and had fresh flowers, The flowers have long since died however i would love to get my bouquet recreated in silk/foam flowers.

A. Yes that won`t be a problem, please e-mail us a picture of your bouquet for us to have a look at, our email address is

Q, This wand is perfect but could i have the lilies in pink with black ribbon please? Also i need 4 of these for next week is this enough time?

A. Yes we can change the lilies to stargazers which are pink and the ribbon is no problem to change, you will need to order straight away and add the date needed when you go though checkout so we can get them out in plenty of time for you.