Fun Wedding Flower Facts

1) Roses– red roses are the most popular choice to give a loved one, no wonder the meaning is true love. Did you know that an orange or coral rose represents desire and passion and a yellow rose means friendship.
Roses are by far the Brides number one choice, as there are so many colours and stages of bloom, a silk tight closed bud, open foam rose or a blown open rose. With silk flowers you don’t need to worry about the roses wilting or roses blowing open.

2) Orchid– meaning love and beauty. There are many different types of orchids, two popular types are Cymbidium which are also known as the “boat” orchid as these have a more cupped appearance where as a Phalaenopsis orchid has a more flatter appearance similar to a flying moth. For us making just an orchid bouquet is more challenging  because Phalaenopsis are quite flat which can make a flat bouquet on top, silk cymbidiums are much easier to work with, but we are happy to face any challenge with vigour.

3) Hydrangeas– meaning boastfulness. These large silk blooms have delicate heads with lots of individual flowers forming a mop head in appearance. Wow did you know!  That some types of planted hydrangeas the colour of the flower can be determined by the type of soil you grow them in. Sarah’s Flowers have six different colours available in stock.

4) Anemone– meaning-unfading love. This beautiful delicate flower gets its name from “anamos”, the Greek word for wind. Fresh cut anemones have a very short life, that’s why silk are so ideal as you can keep them forever. Interesting fact, there are also sea anemone which are considered to be the flower of the sea. Sea anemones look like plants, but they are really meat eating animals.

    5) Gypsophila–  (also known as babies breath or gyp for short) meaning happiness and pure in heart. With over 100 species in the flowering plant world, this white fluffy flower is brilliant as a filler in wedding bouquets and arrangements.

6) Cherry blossom– is a flowering tree known in Japan as a Sakura, Keele University in Staffordshire (England) holds the UK’s largest collection of flowering cherry blossom trees with over 150 varieties. Cherry Blossom also gives an oriental feel to a wedding posy, the woody stems with the pink little flowers look so different to other flowers.

7) Poppy– meaning imagination, Latin name Papaver. In the Ancient Egyptian times doctors used to give fresh poppy seed to eat to relieve pain. Poppy is a flower name and also a girl’s name, would you pick a flower for your wedding that matched your name?  Poppies are still worn every November as a symbol of remembrance. Dried poppy heads are also very popular with their large heads and rattling seeds inside,  unless you       choose to seed them.