5 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue

A wedding is a joyous occasion where family and friends come together to celebrate the love of two people. Befitting such a special event, it also requires a great deal of planning, because you’ll want to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible on your big day. One of the most important things to get right is your choice of venue, so here are five key things to consider.

The size

Some couples will want a huge wedding with hundreds of attendees, others will prefer a more intimate setting with just a close collection of loved ones. Deciding how many people you will invite to your wedding will go a long way to determining how big your venue should be. Of course, you’ll want your venue to be large enough to accommodate everyone, perhaps with enough room for a few embarrassing dance moves, but you don’t want the space to be too big as it will feel empty.

The food

Deciding what food to serve is a key consideration for your wedding. Do you want a sit-down meal or a buffet lunch? Are their special dietary requirements to keep in mind? Another factor is that some venues will provide their own catering, while others will expect you to organise the food separately.


Outdoor space?

When picking your wedding venue, you should also decide whether you want you and your guests to spend most of the time indoors or if you’d like a bit of outdoor space. While some greenery is great when the weather is nice and will certainly look nice in your wedding pictures, it might not be quite so useful if your wedding is taking place in November.

The location

The location of your wedding venue is one of the most important factors when you are weighing up your decision. Firstly, you might want a location that has some significance to you personally, such as the church that you went to when you were younger. Another factor is whether your guests will be able to attend easily. You might have initially hoped for a wedding abroad, for example, but are worried about whether your family and friends could travel such a long way.

The area surrounding your venue could also add a lot to your day. The Grosvenor Hotel London, for example, can boast palaces, parks and other royal attractions right on its doorstep, providing a magical backdrop to the occasion. Other venues might have riverside views or a rich history.

Your budget

Weddings can certainly be expensive and the venue can represent a sizable cost, particularly after you’ve factored in the dress, the catering, the photography, flowers and entertainment. In fact, recent estimates indicate that the average UK wedding now costs £24,000.  So, of course, make sure that you find a venue that you are able to afford.

However, if you think you’ve found the perfect place but it might be a little out of your price range, then see if you can save costs elsewhere, whether it’s by haggling or asking your friends to help with food and entertainment. The venue will be such an important aspect of your wedding, it’s important you get it right.