6 Things to Look Out For When Choosing a Wedding Venue

Choosing the perfect wedding venue is a really important part of planning your special day, especially if you live in a city such as Greater London or even just a large town, like Reading, because there are so many different wedding venues to explore and shortlist. There are certain things to look for when you are touring wedding venues, so here are 6 things to consider.

What you can afford

It is really important for you to agree on a budget with your partner to work from because then you know what you can afford when booking a wedding venue. A budget is also helpful to narrow down your options as there are so many packages available to you in different venues, it can become a bit overwhelming. As the venues what packages that they offer in your price range when you are looking around, that way it is easier to be realistic with what you can afford.

Who is coming?

Deciding on the number of guests you would like to invite to your special day is also an important thing to consider before you choose your wedding venue. If you fall in love with a venue that can’t accommodate everyone you want to invite, it can put you in a sticky situation. It is also important to know who to invite so you know what packages you can look into having on your special day, as it could affect how much you spend on a package deal.

Location, Location, Location!

If you are having a wedding abroad, then location isn’t too much of an issued, other than making sure there are plenty of places for your guests to have a place to stay over your wedding celebrations. It’s becoming more and more popular to have your wedding celebrations abroad, but if you are opting for an English wedding day then the location can be an important thing to consider.


What’s the theme?

If you have already chosen your wedding theme, then you want to be sure that your wedding venue can go well with your ideas. For example, a banquet hall might not work so well with the farmhouse style as a barn wedding venue would. If you haven’t chosen a theme, then when you are looking around possible wedding venues, it might be worth considering what themes would fit well with space and style available.

How to fill the space…

When you are touring your possible wedding venues, be sure to pay close attention to what space is available for you to play around with on your big day. This can help you visualise how you want your wedding to look and also if it ties in with your expectations. Will the space need decorating? Will you have enough room for a dance floor? Where can your top table go? All good questions to ask yourself when you are looking around a possible venue.

Food Glorious Food!

Does the possible wedding venue have catering as part of your package or will you have to organise an external caterer? An important question to ask due to budget; but also, to know whether it is something you need to sort out for yourself. See what your wedding venues will off you if they do have catering as part of the package, whether it’s a buffet or a hog roast or a sit-down meal, it might not be something that you want to include in your wedding day. You could even see if they will let you sample dishes and wines that they have on offer.