Finding the Perfect Wedding Car

A woman has to make a lot of decisions for her wedding. Some decisions she makes by herself, and others with her husband-to-be. If you are about to get married, generally the first things you think about are: The wedding dress, rings, invitations, venue, and your entourage.
However, one of the biggest things to make an impact on your wedding day is the car that you are going to arrive in. This is usually one of the wedding decisions a couple will make together.
Here are some tips on how to help you find the perfect wedding car.

Size matters

When choosing your wedding car, size does matter. Why? Because it all depends on your wedding gown. If you are wearing a simple gown, you can choose just about any type of car you imagine. You could even ride a bicycle if you really wanted! However, if you choose a big gown with a train, you will have to think about the space within the car, as you don’t want to be cramped up, uncomfortable and arrive at your venue creased and dishevelled.
Another reason size matters are because you have to consider the number of people travelling in the wedding car. For some weddings, it’s only the bride who uses the car. For others, both sets of parents of the bride may ride with her going to the wedding venue. Remember also, that after the wedding, the groom will travel alongside his new wife.

Go with the theme of your wedding

You may want a retro car or a classic one, but make sure that it fits the theme of your wedding. The car will make a huge impact during your wedding day and you will have several pictures taken with it, so don’t want it looking out of place.
There are plenty of ideas that you can choose from such as vintage cars, classic cars, retro, minivans, and even tractors or trailers. The choice is entirely yours!

Colour of the car

In addition to choosing the type of car you want, you also have to consider what colour will be best. Again, you can choose according to the theme of your wedding. Some popular colours include white, black, or red. There is also a big increase in the popularity of more unusual and unique colours, such as yellow, blue, or bright pink!

Make the decision together

When choosing the perfect wedding car, you have to make the decision together with your partner. You have to agree on the wedding car, as it will be a special day for both of you. If you can’t decide on something, you may want to ask help from your wedding organizer to seek out the perfect car for you both.
Choosing a wedding car does not have to be a difficult experience. It may even be a fun bonding experience with your future husband. You can test out your dream cars. You might have a chauffeur, though if you don’t and have opted to drive yourself instead, be sure you know the road laws in whatever area you’re getting married. With the perfect wedding car and the perfect partner, you will have a wedding day that you will cherish for years and years to come. Happy hunting!