Five Honeymoon Destinations Worth Considering

When it comes to wedding planning, there’s only one thing that’s as exciting as the event itself – the honeymoon! Weddings, despite being occasions of joy, are also stressful thanks to all that planning and making sure family and friends have a good time. The honeymoon, on the other hand, is all about the couple, designed to take your mind off any niggles and just relax in whatever manner suits you both best. With this in mind, let’s take at some honeymoon destinations you might not have on your radar yet.

Wherever you go, be sure that all your documentation is in date and visas are sorted out well in advance. Travel insurance is something else to think about if you want that extra layer of protection to give you peace of mind when you’re away – that’s truly priceless.

Now let’s take at some honeymoon destinations you might not have on your radar yet!

Domestic Retreat – Lake District

Not every couple dreams of beaches and sunshine, with many preferring to honeymoon on home soil. The UK has a number of fantastic destinations to explore but there’s something truly special about the Lake District. Imagine long walks along secluded trails, fantastic food – it’s become quite the foodie destination in recent years – and quiet evenings. Choose between cottages for two if you’d like to be truly alone or stay in a charming hotel. Spend your days exploring lakes, hiking trails, and taking in the beautiful views. One thing to be cautious of is the season in which you visit as the weather can be unpredictable so plan accordingly!

European Romance – Croatia

Can’t wait to leave the stress of planning behind and relax in the sunshine? We bet you hadn’t considered Croatia. It’s still a fairly undiscovered area for honeymooners but boutique hotels, spas, and chic eateries are springing up to cater to discerning couples and tourists alike. The country has a perfect mixture of city and coastal activities to offer but we would recommend Dubrovnik for its historical heritage, all castles and cobbled streets, and beautiful beaches. The city is very popular during the high summer season – it’s much more peaceful during the spring and early autumn months.

Fairy-tale Views – Maldives

The Maldives is a classic destination and with good reason. Its collection of islands and stunning water bungalows are what a lot of couples picture when thinking about their honeymoon. It’s not a cheap destination by any means since getting there involves multiple international and domestic flights. Accommodation prices can vary too depending on how luxe you’d like your trip to be. The Maldives benefits from great weather all year round with only the occasional monsoons. There’s plenty to get up to once you get there – water sports, snorkelling, exploring remote islands and kicking back in paradise.

Gothic Getaway – Venice

Every pore of Venice breathes with history and romance thanks to the city’s winding waterways and exquisite architecture. It’s truly unique and the city’s style even has its own name: Venetian Gothic. The city tends to be very warm and humid in the summer months, making it more suitable for an autumn and winter honeymoon; the crowds will be much smaller, and you’ll get more of a chance to ‘get lost’ in the city without all those tourists around. There’s so much to see in Venice that you’ll never have a boring day; explore the city’s countless churches, inspiring museums, and be sure to sample plenty of Venetian cuisines.

Best of Both Worlds – Los Angeles

Sometimes you want a bit of city, a bit of beach, culture, and luxury – Los Angeles has it all. It’s, of course, the ideal destination for movie lovers as you can explore countless studios and take a behind-the-scenes tour of the most famous film locations, even hiking up to see the iconic Hollywood sign. There’s so much more to the city though, it’s a cultural hub filled with art and landmarks galore. It’s also foodie heaven, filled to the brim with unbelievable restaurants and street food. There are also a number of dreamy beaches and beautiful nature spots to discover, so you can escape the city when you’re ready to unwind.