Get the wedding look of the year: simple, chic & classic

It’s a tricky decision, choosing how you’re going to wear your hair on one of the biggest days of your life – your wedding day. Sometimes you hit a conundrum in that you want a certain style but your hair just won’t allow you. Well, that shouldn’t stop you anymore with the diverse range of clip in hair extensions that are available these days. You truly can have any hairstyle anyway you like, it’s just having the guts to go for it, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Reach for the flowers

A wedding day classic is a simple and relaxed bun dressed up with flowers. A loose bun around the nape of the neck with lots of free strands of curled hair shaping the face is what starts this style off. Then, choose a flower crown featuring pale pink roses and gypsophila to give your hair that natural, country wedding classic style. If the whole crown is a bit too much for you, ask your local florist to create a slide in arrangement of flowers that you can just slot this into your bun, you still get the country relaxed effect but it tones it down slightly.
Remember, if you’re opting for flowers – ensure they match your bouquet and bridesmaids; it’s also usually best to opt for natural flowers.

Simple and polished

Whether you have short hair or long hair you can opt for the sleek up-do, which is set off beautifully with drop pearl earrings. All you need is freshly washed hair swept from a centre or side parting into a neat bun at the nape of your neck or if you don’t have enough hair, simply swept back and left loose or fixed to a false bun. For more inspiration of the simple and polished up-do, you could attempt to copy the styles feature on Insider, here.

Add some glamour

The instant way to add a certain extra elegance to any up-do is by adding jewellery. On the Wedding Site’s blog on bridal trends, they make reference to Oscar De La Renta’s beautiful reinvented chignon that features a smooth but full of volume crown of hair with a messy bun fixed in place by jewels at the back of the head. You can feature jewellery in your hair any way you like, whether it’s a few sparkly clips or a big featured bit of jewellery clipping hair up behind your ear, it’s bound to look gorgeous!

Wear it loose

Alternatively, more and more brides are opting to simple wear their hair in loose curls to minimise the need for styling as relaxed wedding settings become more popular. Any length hair works for this and it’s a great way of creating a relaxed vibe on your big day.