Getting Married in Viva Las Vegas…

If you want your dream wedding to be fantasy, traditional, Elvis or any number of fun-filled themes, that seems to be only limited by your imagination than why not head out to viva Las Vegas where the wedding chapels and hotels are aplenty.

There are around 50 main wedding chapels in Las Vegas and along with all the major hotels, there’s no shortage of choice for your marriage destination such as the tropical gardens of Caesars Palace, the poolside location of Mandalay Bay, the pirate ship at Treasure Island or an Italian theme including gondolier at the Venetian.

A selection of services should be available at your chosen destination such as free digital Wedding Invitations and live Video Web Stream of your wedding to guests who can't be with you which I think is a nice touch when you are so far away from home.
You can also record the video feed as a keepsake for yourselves.
A lot of places also offer wedding couples a free Wedding Website with photos of the day along with the ceremony recording that friends and family at home can log into, of course with today’s social media Twitter, Facebook etc getting married in a faraway country is not what it used to be.

A popular reason for getting married in Las Vegas is, of course, the many varied wedding themes on offer to add a little fantasy to this one in a lifetime occasion, the hugely popular Elvis impersonator which you would be mistaken for thinking was the only option the amount of times in TV and films it is used, but you could also have a pirate, Hawaiian or even a vampire theme, in fact, if you can imagine it they can make it happen for you.
How about a spectacular desert sunset wedding ceremony, at the bottom of the Grand Canyon or even high above Las Vegas in a helicopter, now there’s a thought!!

If you do decide to jet off to Las Vegas or anywhere else in the world for that matter then why not save the hassle of ordering wedding flowers out there by taking your dream wedding flowers with you.
At Sarah’s Flowers our multi award-winning wedding flowers are hand made to order here in the UK and are very robust so travel extremely well, we have had brides take our flowers to almost every corner of the globe now,
we seem to get a good mix of people packing them in their suitcase as well as there hand luggage and giving out the posies and buttonholes for the relevant guests to take which is also popular.

Las Vegas

A few questions you may have answered.

Q, Do I need to be a resident in Las Vegas or stay a certain amount of time before I can get married?

A, You certainly don`t need to be a resident and you can get married as soon as you get off the plane, but you will need to proper paperwork first which you can only get between the hours of 8 am-Midnight.

Q, How and where do I get the correct paperwork (marriage licence)?

A, You and your partner will need to turn up in person and in a sober state at the Marriage Bureau of Las Vegas, any taxi driver will be able to take there.
Applicants must be a Male and a Female, at least 18 years of age, and not nearer of kin than second cousins or cousins of half-blood, and not having a husband or wife that is still living’.
There is no blood test and no waiting period to get your licence. You will just need your passports as proof of identity.
If you are divorced, you will need to know the exact date and city of the divorce.

Q, Will my marriage be legal in the UK?

A, Yes it will. There is no need to register your wedding when you get back to the UK – your wedding certificate will be sufficient proof that you are married.

Q, Can I hire a dress and suits out there?

A, You certainly can and it saves luggage space and hassle by not having to take them out with you, there are a lot of specialist hire shops in Las Vegas, and your wedding chapel or hotel will be happy to recommend one they work closely with.