How to Dress your Bridesmaids

For those of you ladies who have ever been asked to be a bridesmaid, you will recognise that eternal fear of possibly being given a dress that most resembles an oversized toilet roll holder, and keeping your fingers crossed that they don’t choose a theme that resembles bo-peep. These days the rules for dressing bridesmaids have changed: No longer are you expected to all wear the same dress, same style or even the same colour. Versatility has become the latest trend in dressing your bridesmaids.

Bridesmaid dressing these days is more geared up to each and every bridesmaid’s individual figure shapes, and even takes the time to consider skin tones, ages and personalities. Here at HQ we love the idea of making your maids completely happy in their outfits – let’s face it their happy, smiley faces will look brilliant in the photos! So what can you do to keep your bridesmaids happy? Here are our top tips!

  • Mixing the fabric shades is a great way to not only create a really pretty line-up but can match different skin tones and even hair colours. The same goes for picking dresses for flower girls – some girls don’t want to look too grown-up or wear as restricting fabric as the older bridesmaids. Pinterest (  is a great way for finding ideas on what shades to pick as your bridesmaids collective.
  • Not one style will suit every shape of bridesmaid. The neckline can make such a difference to some dresses and look completely different on every girl. A sweetheart neckline is a great neckline for all size busts and can be completely flattering, however for the more endowed try adding straps for more support. The same goes for length. Some girls might not want to show their legs and therefore crave the longer length, but for the more petite girl a short, tea-length dress can look great against other longer dresses.
  • More and more modern weddings are taking place early evening, this can open up a completely different look for your bridesmaids – darker more evening type shades of dress are popular, and a more party style of gown can complete the look nicely.
  • Budget-friendly bridesmaid dress shopping is key – instead of opting for the more expensive option of having them made or bespoke ordered, try popping along with your maids for a day of girly shopping at your local high street. Debenhams and House of Fraser have great occasion wear sections that can save you some serious money on your tight budget!