How to get in the best shape of your life before ‘The Big Day’

The 8-week countdown

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life. On top of the wedding planning hysteria, every bride will want to look and feel her absolute best. Many brides, however, find it difficult to control their weight as the big day fast approaches. To help you stay on track we look at five changes that you can make at the eight-week mark, at which point we believe you can make real positive changes. We may not be able to guarantee a drop of three dress sizes, but this is the time during which you can shift those stubborn pounds, achieve the pre-wedding glow and get a spring back in your step.

Work with a personal trainer

Many brides choose to work with a Bridal wedding fitness before their wedding day. With a clear vision and a tight timeframe, this is the perfect time to get motivated and work with a professional who will help you to achieve your ideal weight. If you lack the knowledge or willpower when working out, a personal trainer can help you to get results safely and far more quickly. It also acts as a major stress reliever to schedule a one-hour session away from wedding planning to focus on you, and only you!

Don’t skip meals

The most dangerous thing you can do ahead of your wedding is to skip meals. We understand that life as a bride to be is often manic and overwhelming but missing meals and eating irregularly will cause your weight to fluctuate. Skipping mealtimes often results in binge eating and filling up on the wrong food types when the hunger does finally catch up with you.  Eat for energy and strength, and you won’t go wrong.

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Get your beauty sleep

It is inevitable that you are going to have some sleepless nights before your wedding, but it is important that these are anomalies and not the norm! If you are struggling to get enough sleep, try and address this directly. You don’t want to feel and look exhausted during your wedding. Develop a pre-bedtime routine that will help you switch off. Try having a hot bath, reading a book or having a cup of hot milk. Don’t do any wedding planning late at night, and also eating the right foods will have you sleeping like a baby. and just in case you do reel off an endless list of to-do’s during the night, keep a pen and notepad by your bed so you can jot these down and deal with them in the morning.

Ditch the sugar

Sugar is a huge contributor to weight gain and many brides rely on their sugar rush for energy during the eight-week countdown. Cutting sugar out of your diet will help you to lose excess weight, improve the appearance of your skin and it will normalise your energy levels. Eating sugar late at night can also disrupt your sleeping patterns.

Make a meal out of it

We advise our brides-to-be to ditch the takeaways for simple home cooking in preparation of the wedding day. The advantages of this are endless. It helps our budgeting brides to save money, it helps them to control the foods that they are eating, and cooking is a free activity, which helps to distract the mind and can often be therapeutic. It will help you to consider all the foods that you are eating eight weeks before the big day, much more carefully, and avoid mindless munching!

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