How to look picture perfect on your wedding day…

For some it’s the inevitable question, how do you really smile in your wedding photos? Do you show your teeth? How wide a smile do you do? Must you smile all day? There are huge amounts of pressure to make sure your wedding photos look as good as your day, after all, after your wedding day, your photos are going to be the number one reminder of your big day. Banish those fears with some of Sarah’s Flowers top tips to make sure you don’t look away when looking through your wedding photos:

Don’t underestimate an engagement photoshoot. I know it sounds terribly cliché, but having a shoot done prior to your big day will not only get you set and use to being photographed but will also allow your chosen photographer to get a feel for how you both react in front of the camera.

• Don’t force your smile. IF you feel uneasy stepping in front of the camera, remember it is always better to laugh than to force a smile. Tell silly jokes with your husband or remember a funny story so that your smile becomes much more natural. If needs be, try smiling into a mirror at home prior to your big day – yes you will feel silly at first but it will help you to feel more confident.

• Visit your venue. Along with your photographer you need to visit your venue to find out the best locations to have photos taken. If the photographer you book doesn’t offer this as a standard then it might be worth requesting it. By doing a little pre-visit beforehand you minimise the time you spend away from your guest on the day.

Keep hold of something. Many brides and grooms often say ‘I don’t know what to do with my hands’ for the brides, always keep hold of your bouquet – and hold it mid-stem. If you hold it too far down, the beautiful bouquet does its best to resemble a baton! You can also lean on each other, wrap your arms around each other: with the bride leaning her arms of grooms chest or just simply holding hands. Just make sure it's natural.

Take it steady with the champers! We all know that the bubbles in the champagne can be absorbed and go to your head quite quickly, but let’s face it no wants to have squinty, squiffy eyes in their wedding photos, and you don’t want to be seen stumbling around. Go easy on the booze!

Posture is key! Think ‘long’ when you’re standing, elongate your body, extend your chin and think about pulling your body upwards to make you appear taller and thinner. Be careful about going too far and holding your breath as this will make you stiffen up and make you look a little forced.

• Be yourself! It sounds simple, but remember to try to be just you. Act naturally, do whatever you normally would do as a couple. More often than not the more candid shots of you and your new husband together will be the ones you love the most. Remember to just enjoy – it’s your day!