How to Style Jeans for a Spring Wedding

Your wedding, your rules..

You might consider jeans to be too casual to wear to a wedding – but there are many people who would respectfully disagree. Obviously, if you’re the bride or groom, the best man, one of the ushers or bridesmaids, or a close family member there’s no way you should rock up to the ceremony in denim.

But that’s not to say jeans should be completely ruled out. For evening guests at a spring or summertime wedding, or for a more relaxed occasion, they can be part of a perfect outfit – worn by gents or ladies. Providing a few golden rules are followed, it’s possible to pull the jeans look off at a wedding – and look uber stylish in the process.

Make them smart
Not all jeans are the same, of course. Don’t even think about turning up in loose-fitting jeans, or those with rips through the knees, or stone-washed types. They’ve got to look smart enough to carry the rest of the outfit – be that a crisp white shirt and waistcoat for men or denim jacket over a dress for women. Superdry jeans are among the classier versions available and certainly won’t look out of place.

Choose the right colour

It’s safe to say those blue jeans are a big no-no when it comes to a formal event such as a wedding, but you can definitely get away with a dyed pair or even white (although again, this is a bit risky considering the occasion).

Go for a fun, bright colour such as purple or green, which you can pair with a smart top and blazer for comfort and style. Alternatively, black jeans with a pretty blouse and heels is another look you could perhaps adopt.

Avoid anything baggy

Those boyfriend jeans just aren’t going to cut it for such a special day, so it’s best you opt for either skinny or cropped jean styles that fit your figure and could pass as trousers.

Wear a feminine top

A peplum top or an elegantly embellished blouse is the perfect addition to your jeans and can help ensure your look for this spring wedding is stylish and smart. Avoid anything blouse wisely that you would wear to work or at the weekend. It needs to be something special that’s going to look good in photos if you’re close to the bride or groom.

Make up for it with your accessories

Weddings are fun affairs so make up for your casual legwear with some strong jewellery and accessories. A statement necklace or a cute hat or fascinator are perfect additions to your outfit and can make anything with jeans appear more formal.

A bold clutch bag can also help enhance a look, opt for an oversized style that will draw attention away from your jeans. Dressing your outfit up with fancy accessories will always ensure the attention is taken away from the jeans you’re wearing.

Try to wear heels

It’s safe to say that if you want to wear jeans to a wedding, you’re probably not a huge fan of heels but it’s a good idea to do your best to include a pair in your outfit. Higher heeled shoes add a certain elegance and smart vibe to any outfit, so throwing on a cute pair for the wedding you’re attending will ensure you don’t look too casual.
Although we’re much more casual these days when it comes to our outfit choices – as offices enjoy a relaxed vibe and clubs let you in wearing trainers – weddings are still an occasion where dressing up is the best idea.