Quick Guide to Planning Your Wedding

Our quick guide to help plan your wedding day…

When it comes to last-minute weddings, there is no doubt they can be very exciting and romantic – and regardless of what your reasons are to get married quickly are, you will definitely find yourself needing to plan your wedding in more of a hurry than you would ideally want to.

If you happen to be in this position, the best thing you need to try and do is stay calm and keep focused on the task ahead. There will be some aspects of the wedding that you will need to take care of straight away, and there will be others which you will be able to take care of closer to the time. However, they will all be just as important – so take a look at the tips below for what you need to take care of when planning your wedding.

Organise the Venue
Arguably, the key thing to plan is the venue you will choose when getting married. When doing this last minute, the best way to go about it would be to try and find a full wedding package for the day. Whether you’re looking for wedding venues in Manchester, London or even further afield, you will be sure to find a venue that can offer a full package, which will be very helpful in organising the wedding.
White chairs and table on a balcony with nice view to the sea

Book a Photographer
The pictures you take on your wedding day are going to be with you for the rest of your life and will be what you look back at it to remind you of the wedding day, it is, therefore, important that you find a photographer who is good. This can be difficult to last minute, but it is important that you find a photographer who is able to get to the venue on the day of the wedding.

Wedding Dress
The typical wait for most wedding dressmakers who design your dress is around six months. However, if you are trying to plan your wedding quickly it is unlikely that you will have 6 months to wait around. Therefore, you should try asking your local bridal boutique if they will be able to get a dress in stock, or alternatively, try the sample sales. These can provide amazing bargains if you’re lucky. Just factor in the cost of dry cleaning!

Inviting Guests
When planning a wedding last minute, one of the most stressful tasks will be getting your invites out to people on time. The people you will want at your wedding are the ones who mean the most to you, so when it comes to your family they will probably not expect a formal invite. Therefore, for your other friends and distant family – if you don’t have the time to get some formal invites made it can be a good idea to try and contact friends through social media or text to let them know the wonderful news!

Silk Wedding Flowers
With no need to worry about the wedding flowers you want are not in season, as artificial silk wedding flowers can be ordered all year round
The bridal bouquet made from silk flowers can be a wonderful keepsake from your wedding day as well.