That Special Wedding Present, Not On The List…

Do you know someone getting married this season and want to make sure they receive a gift that they will love? You might like to think about giving something a bit more unusual than the typical present of money or gift cards. By taking a little extra time and thinking about finding a special gift, you will give the happy couple something they will remember for many years to come and that they will always treasure.

Wedding gift

Money is always useful of course but many people often give newlyweds such a gift and it can be somewhat boring. Cash is quickly spent, and when you want to give them something they will remember, it will take a little bit of thought. One thing you might want to consider is a dinner service or other high-quality crockery. You can be certain that such a gift will be used for a very long time. If you shop around you will be able to find something suitable at a sensible price. Very good glassware is always acceptable so consider purchasing some beautiful champagne glasses and wine glasses, perhaps in a presentation box. You will find a huge choice of glassware available in the shops and online.


Another gift option you might want to consider is making a charitable donation in their name. Many couples now request those interested in giving a gift to make a donation to a charity nominated by them. Even if the bride and groom haven’t specified which organization would be best or one that they are particularly interested in, you can still donate and let them know they have made a difference in someone’s life. You might want to research which charitable organization or non-profit you think would be the best – many couples will find this a thoughtful gift that they will really appreciate.

Thank you card

You might also think about offering a unique gift that allows the couple to experience something exciting, such as a balloon flight. You can also help in many different ways, perhaps with travel costs or by helping them with their honeymoon expenses. If the couple has arranged a honeymoon, you could contact their travel agent and enquire if you could pay for some extras for them to enjoy. Talk to someone who has an idea of what is available at the honeymoon venue and you will almost certainly be able to arrange something very special for the happy couple. 

Bride and groom drinking champagne

A wedding is a very special time in someone’s life and you will want to make sure that the couple receives a gift that they will both love and appreciate for many years. By putting a little time and effort into your gift idea, you can come up with something they will really appreciate and enjoy – a thoughtful gift will make all the difference.