Unique Wedding Venues You’ve Probably Never Considered

Traditional weddings are not going out of style anytime soon, but more and more couples are looking for something different to serve as a backdrop for their perfect wedding. Thankfully, there is a wealth of options out there to help make each couple’s wedding truly unforgettable. Below we have compiled a list of venue and location suggestions to get everyone thinking creatively before deciding on the setting of that dream wedding.

A Gothic Setting

Game of Thrones has been serving as wedding inspiration (just not the Red Wedding) to many, for a few years now, with no signs of slowing down. Even if you’re not a fan of the TV show, there’s still something undeniably romantic about getting hitched in a darker setting, especially if lit by hundreds of candles. Finding a suitable venue doesn’t have to be expensive if you look beyond churches and locations that already advertise as wedding suitable. It’s worth doing some research and even calling venues that look appealing to ask whether they would consider hosting a wedding party and you may be surprised with their willingness. YHA’s Gothic 17th Century offering, Ilam Hall, is worth checking out for the right mixture of grandeur and affordability.

Get Nautical

Maybe you and your spouse-to-be fell in love by the water or maybe you just find the thought of it calming and cool. Whatever the reason, have you considered getting married on a submarine? That’s a real possibility offered by the Royal Navy Submarine Museum. Alternatively, if you’re more of a swimming pool kind of couple then Victoria Baths might be for you – a beautiful Edwardian swimming pool (free of water!) set up and decorated for the ceremony. It’s certainly an innovative idea and would suit those interested in a vintage themed look for the big day.

Underground Wonder

If either of you are adventurers or adrenaline-seekers, then this Cornwall cave is perfect for you; it will also work well to weed out any scaredy-cat guests. Cornglaze Caverns gives you the chance to wed on the shores of a theatrical underground lake, in a candlelit chamber licensed for 35 guests. It’s a truly unique setting but not one for the faint of heart, or those not up for a walk, as the aisle measures 80 meters long. Maybe bring a change of shoes, just in case, it starts feeling like a hike. If you need a little more underground space, there’s also a cave in Wells, Somerset, with the capacity to host 100.

Studio Time

Movies and music videos have been providing aesthetic inspiration to many. So why not go a step further and host your own super glamorous and hip party in an arty studio. If you’ve always dreamed of retro or old-Hollywood surroundings, then Pinewood Studio (and its sister venue Heatherden Hall) may be the ideal setting for you. It’s a beautiful manor house in its own right and it has featured, alongside its impressive gardens, in several films. Create a picture-perfect moment of your nuptials in this historically fashionable space.

Artistic Touch

Immerse your ceremony and guests in artistic surroundings by hosting your wedding at a museum. It’s a beautiful environment for anyone with a taste for different kinds of art as you could enquire with museums/galleries that house contemporary or more classic collections. Dulwich Picture Gallery, displaying the likes of Rembrandt and Canaletto, is one such venue. More than 300 old masters adorn its richly coloured walls with the capacity to seat 120 people for dinner; landscaped gardens can also be used for the event should you decide to combine inside and outside elements.