What to Wear for Winter Wedding Guest Season

Winter is a quieter time for weddings compared to the non-stop party season that is spring and summer. More and more couples, however, are choosing to take advantage of chillier temperatures and get hitched during the colder months. This presents quite the dilemma for wedding guests as most have tried and tested wedding outfits ready to go but not when it comes to winter. It doesn’t have to be complicated and we’re here to give you some easy ideas to make dressing up for winter weddings a breeze.

The Midi Dress

The classic midi dress is appropriate for basically any social occasion. It’s always the classy choice and easy to pull off no matter your height or shape. Leave pastel and frothy numbers behind, searching instead for luxurious prints and rich fabrics. Velvet is a recurring trend every winter and it’s the ideal fabric for a midi dress, instantly making you look like you’ve made an effort. Similar thinking can be applied to maxi dresses as they are perfect for chillier weather. Look for styles with full or three-quarter length sleeves and don’t be tempted to go for very dark shades, stick with richer and jewel tones fabrics to avoid looking too sombre.

High-waisted Trousers

Not many think of trousers when it comes to wedding guest dressing but they can be an amazing option for when you’ve had enough of wearing dresses. The trick here is to go for trousers that are well cut and in the colour of fabric that one wouldn’t typically wear to an office. Satin, brocade, velvet – just a little twist on the expected fabric will ensure that you look ready to party. The high-waisted style is extremely flattering so whether you’re after a tuxedo-style trouser or a wide-legged cut, try to seek it out. The trousers can be paired with a variety of options, it comes down to what you’re comfortable in. A sequined or strappy top tucked into a satin pair will look suitably party-ready or opt for a silk blouse to add some contrast to your look.

Jackets and Cover-Ups

Sometimes all that’s needed to turn a warm-weather outfit into a winter one is good outwear. So many dresses and separates can be suitably dressed up with a statement blazer and the high street is full of sparkly options at the moment. If sequins aren’t your thing, look for embroidery and embellishments, fancy buttons or elevated fabrics that reflect light. Worn over a dress with a pair of amazing shoes, you’ll be ready to dance the night away.

Midi Skirts

If fancy trousers aren’t your cup of tea, then an elevated midi skirt may be the right option. Waring chic separates takes a little effort (since nothing is easier than pulling on a dress!) but the style pay off is worth it. Thankfully, this season is all about eye-catching skirt designs with interesting embellishments, jewel colours and embroidery. Always try to balance the outfit by choosing one statement piece to dress around. Tuck slinky camisoles into a skirt, adding a shrug or fancy jacket to keep you warm.