What To Wear For Your Best Friend’s Wedding

Okay, we’re just going to address the elephant in the room. It’s your best friend’s wedding. But you aren’t a bridesmaid. There’s probably a good reason for this. Maybe she only wanted two and had to have her sister and her husband-to-be’s sister? Or she isn’t having bridesmaids at all? Perhaps she’s still mad about that time you were honest about how she looked in her prom dress, all those years ago? These are all good reasons. But they are beside the point, it’s your best friend’s big day and regardless of what you might be feeling about a perceived slight, you need to be there, looking great and celebrating with her. So here’s a quick run-through on what to wear:

Rock a trouser suit

Oh yeah, get androgynous for the occasion. Some fitted cigarette trousers plus a sharp blazer and shirt combo will ensure you look super smooth in all the photos.
Be sure to go for bright colours though, so you don’t look like you’re off to a job interview or a fashionable funeral. Finish it off with a slicked back, wet-look hairstyle – here’s some inspiration – and smoky eyes.

Swan in with a swing dress

One of the most simple dress styles works for every occasion, even weddings.
A pastel swing dress jazzed up with some extra glittery jewellery (and heels will look great in the wedding photos). Wear your hair loose and curled, if you can, and keep make up fresh and natural. Take some inspiration from the range of party dresses from Blue Vanilla – we love their Felicia dress designs.

Mesmerise in a maxi

Maxi dresses are great wedding wear, just be careful with the material and make sure it doesn’t look too ‘bridal’. Take your Mum along when you try it on. She’s been to hundreds of weddings, probably, so is clued up on what is risky and what’s good to go. Keep the maxi dress itself simple, try to avoid lots of lace and embellishments and instead dress it up with some bright accessories.

Look sensational in a shirt and skirt

Pick up a fitted shirt in a fun print and team this with a skater skirt and heels for a comfortable but stylish wedding day ensemble. Use jewellery to dress up your look and a large clutch to hold all your bits and bobs in. Top off with a blow-dried mane and a bold floral crown for that slight hipster/ethereal/bohemian look, without going over the top.

A wedding dress

Just kidding! Maybe.

Bonus round. What not to wear:

  • A plunging neckline
  • A bodycon dress or skirt
  • A bandage dress
  • A white dress
  • Anything that shows your belly button
  • Anything that shows your bra straps
  • Anything that shows your underwear
  • A hoodie
  • Head to toe black
  • Pinstripes

And for the love of God, do not wear that white and gold dress.

Wait, we mean blue and black.