Winter Wedding Inspiration

For many, the summer months are the ideal time of year for a wedding. The sun is shining, the light carries out until late in the evening, you rarely need a jacket and there is (supposedly) less risk of rain. However, winter should not be overlooked as a choice when it comes to tying the knot – there are plenty of festive occasions to be inspired by, as well as the unusualness of getting married outside of the peak season (it’s cheaper too!).

With this in mind, here are a few inspiring ideas for a winter wedding to add to your inspiration board:

Incorporate the winter weather
We don’t mean saying ‘I do’ in the middle of a snowstorm, but taking elements from traditional winter weather and incorporating these into décor and even food choices is a great way of creating a simple theme. Ice and frost are beautiful and are easy to translate in your décor – and your outfit too, whether you’ve chosen a glittering wedding ring from the likes of Diamonds Factory or a dress featuring sparkling diamante elements.

Icy colours are an easy accent to include in your table decorations and even wedding party, with bridesmaid dresses available in cool shades such as silver and baby blue and floral arrangements featuring grey succulents, blue roses and baby’s breath.

Check out this clever dance floor projection too – it’s such a fun idea for a winter wedding.

Keep guests warm
Your venue will more than likely have heating but expect people to go in and out the door regularly, potentially letting the cold air rush in. Provide blankets for people to wrap up in: faux fur designs can be picked up relatively cheaply from shops such as Primark and Wilkinsons and will look great draped over chairs or left bundled up in baskets.

The same rule applies for yourself and your wedding party: fur stoles are classy additions to your outfits while the gents can pick up matching overcoats for those outside group shots.

Light it up
Thoughts of winter conjure up images of cosy fires, flickering candles and comfort. Replicate this in your wedding with battery operated tea light candles and twinkling fairy lights arranged around the venue. Dim the main lights and create an ambient atmosphere over dinner late in the afternoon before turning the disco lights on.

Serve up home comforts
Delicious stews, steaming roast dinners, decadent homemade desserts, all of these remind us of winter dinners and are perfect for a wedding set in the colder months. Serve this type of food up at your winter wedding, then finish with a hog roast in the evening or a BBQ outside reminiscent of smoke-filled firework nights… it’s a menu everyone will enjoy!

So, forget about summer and instead book a venue in the winter months – not only is a winter wedding much cheaper than getting married in the summer, but it will also enable you to create a magical day for you and your guests!